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Residential Solar Energy For Homes

Save Money With Solar

Going solar is a good thing to do if you like saving money. An average Perth household can save up to $25,000* over 25 years, the guaranteed performance life-time of solar panels.
The investment into solar pays back rapidly in about 3-5 years and provides you with free electricity from the sun for many years to come. Solar powers your house much cheaper than the electricity you are paying for now.
Protect The Environment, Solar helps to reduce your carbon footprint and increases the energy efficiency rating of your property. Homes with solar panels in Perth sell quicker and at a higher price. Quality Matters, Our high quality solar panels from reputable companies such as Solarwatt offer better performance and peace of mind. That’s why our customers regularly leave us with positive feedback.

Act now! Contact us to receive a quote for a high quality solar power system for your home. *Calculation based on a 6.6 kW solar power system, an average usage of 30 units (kWh), Synergy Home Plan A Tariff, and an electricity price increase of approximately 5% per year.

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