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Rebates and other benefits

Save money with Gov Rebates

Solar Earth Solutions makes sure you get the most of the current rebates available so that  you can still save thousands on your new solar installation. Under the Renewable Energy Target (RET) homeowners as well as businesses are eligible for so called Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs / RECs). Please speak to us to find out more or visit the website of the Office of the Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) for more details.

Solar Credits Example:
System Size       Location          Total Credit
3.0 kW        Perth WA (Zone 3)   45 STCs x $38 market value* = $1,710.00 credit towards your solar installation
6.6 kW        Perth WA (Zone 3)   100 STCs x $38 market value* = $3,800.00 credit towards your solar installation

All information is correct as at the time of posting this page.

STC"s are changing all the time

To make sure you take advantage of STC"s get in quick

*STCs value is subject to change. Currently trading at $38 per STC at 13/5/2020.

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