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Solar Panels

We are different.

Why? Because we offer high efficiency solar panels from reputable manufacturers. We are completely transparent in the gear we offer and don’t hide behind re-batched low quality imports. We can tell you exactly where it’s made and how long the manufactures have been in business. We stick to solar companies that manufacture in an environmentally responsible way. We want the best for our customers. Low quality solar panels can be a liability for you for many years to come. Just imagine pulling them all down again and trying to recycle them after they have failed within a couple of years.
So just do it right from the beginning. Commit to a quality system and very high workmanship installation and enjoy free electricity from the sun. Click for Product Datasheet.

We use and recommend SolarWatt solar panels

Its all about Quality

Solar Earth Solutions proudly uses SolarWatt products

SolarWatt was founded in Germany in 1993 and has quickly become one of the most reputable solar companies in the world.In addition to the German headquarters in Dresden, they also have branches in Australia, and over 50 countries worldwide and are convinced of the outstanding quality of Solarwatt products. For information on this or any other Solar product please feel free to Email Klaus.

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